Becoming a member of The Ledward Centre LGBTQ+ Community and Cultural Centre

The Ledward Centre is a safe, sober, space for members of the LGBTQ+ Communities to socialise, engage, meet up, learn, teach, contribute and volunteer.

All are welcome, including allies of our LGBTQ+ communities, and we will not ask your age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or any other characteristic. 

We will, however, ask for an undertaking to respect everyone using TLC. Any member or visitor not abiding by this one rule will be asked to leave and will not be welcome to return.

Membership is free, because we don´t want anybody to miss out on the opportunities that TLC will give us all because they are unable to afford to join and to take part, however TLC must remain viable to be of any use to anybody, so we will ask all new members who feel that they can afford to make a regular donation to commit to doing so. 

Our suggested monthly contribution is £10, but please feel free to donate less, or more of course.

Until our own TLC Charity is registered donations will go to a ring fenced fund within The Brighton Rainbow Fund called the TLC Fund. By the donations going to a Charity we can claim Gift Aid, meaning that donations are boosted by 25% from the Government.

Whilst TLC will provide opportunities for all parts of our diverse LGBTQ+ communities to meet, socialise and learn from each other, we will also give opportunities for "birds of a feather to flock together" by means of meet up groups and caucuses, and we will ask you later to indicate which groups you´d like to hear from. 

The Ledward Centre

  • ​Access to TLC
  • Access to, and information about, TLC resources, classes, meet ups and events
  • Ability to volunteer
  • Right to nominate and vote for positions on Management teams and Charity Trustee Board
  • Access to discounts and other benefits at local businesses.
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